May 6, 2011


Do you ever see someone walking around with a pair of shoes and think 'why on earth would you walk around in those monsters?!' I think we all have a couple of things we would NEVER actually wear, because we all have a different style. If we would all look alike and have the same style, the world would have been really boring, don't you think?

These are the things I would never wear:

Harem pants

Jeffrey Campbell Lita shoes

Anyways, I could make a really long list with items I would never wear, 
But I won't, because I would like to know which items you guys dislike, so my question to you is:
Which clothing items do YOU dislike alot?


  1. well,i like the shoes,because i'm not a tall person ,but the pants...dear God,no!

  2. I looooooooove the shoes,and I think the pants is also cool! :)

  3. If I ever have enough money I'm buying those shoes haha. What I dislike? Hmm. Heels without heels you know? (lemme search)

    Never say never, but I don't think I'd wear these

  4. Waauw wat een leuk blog ! xx

  5. Ik volg je! Ik vind die schoenen wel leuk eigenlijk haha. Leuke blog! Volg je mij terug?

  6. KAYRA ISABELLA - I don't like those either. It looks pretty cool on Lady gaga, but I would never wear shoes like that, haha

    Liselotte - Dankje! xo

    Jente - Ik vind ze er zo raar uitzien, maar iedereen heeft een eigen smaak en dat is maar goed ook.. En ik zal zeker een kijkje nemen!

  7. tthe pant's looks kind'a comfortable but I'd never wear them in public, personally I dislike everything which is pink, no matter what it is and fur, I would never wear fur.
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  8. I would never in my life would wear clogs

  9. Ik heb het ook niet zo voor de Lita's, ookal zie je ze op talloze blogs passeren :D x


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