June 29, 2011


I've been in love with this site for a while now. You can find so many great clothing pieces and if you want to know where the piece is from, just klick on the item and you'll see a 'find it here' button!

It's a great way to find nice clothing(the inexpensive ones ofcourse, lol) and you can make your own lists like wishlists, favourite items etc.

The items above are the things I would wear if I were to go out with one of my favourite bloggers.. and which (fashion) blogger do you think it would be? It's from a contests where you can win a great prize! If you like these items above, please go on the link underneath the items and klick on the 'like' button  ;-)

Do you want to make your own lists, join the contest(s) or just look around?
Go to fashiolista.com and check it out!

Question: If you would be able to go out for one night with one of your favourite bloggers, who would you go out with? Feel free to leave a response in the comment section below!


  1. oeh ik zou die schoenen wel heel graag willen!

  2. wauw mooie spulletjes, vooral die schoenen!

  3. Mooie lijst heb je! Succes!! X.


  4. fashionstoned & Mayke - Ik vind de schoenen ook supermooi!

    Blend of Life - Dankje! ik zal het nodig hebben, hihi.


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