August 31, 2011


 I wanna thank Smoothie for the 2 awards and to everyone reading this post, feel free to put this on your own blog!


The rules:
- Thank me in a post with a link to my blog
- write 7 things about yourself
- Give this award to 15 other blogs
- Let them know about it

7 things:

I ...
1. ... read every single comment on my blog
2. ... everytime I see Catrice nailpolish in a store, I HAVE to buy a new color
3. ... would love to live in the US for a couple of months (or at least travel to LA and NY once)
4. ... listen to music every single day
5. ... love to read other blogs and follow other blogs, so if you know a good one, let me know ;)
6. ... don't really have one style, because I like to mix everything up
7. ... always watch castingshows, even though I don't like most of them

15 other blogs:

I couldn't come up with 15 blogs, so I'll just stick to these 3, lol.

 (I apologize for not posting that much, but I've been working alot, so I didn't really have the time to update my blog..)

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