February 9, 2012

Quick update: Luck wasn't on my side

Hi everyone,
The last couple of days didn't turn out that great. a couple of days ago I wanted to charge my laptop, But it didn't work and my battery was empty, so I had to buy a new charger, but they never deliver stuff on Sunday so I got it on monday.. The most annoying thing was: all of my pictures are on my computer and I had some articles written in word, so I couldn't even update my blog!

And last but not least, My iPhone fell out of my pocket while getting out of a car, too, So I used my Samsung Chat for 1 day and bought a new secondhand iPhone (that sounds weird)...

But then I got a call yesterday that someone found my iPhone. They called my work to see if I was there and he gave the address, so my boyfriend picked it up and I don't think I've ever been that relieved!

So my mom has the other iPhone and I have my own phone back.

Anyways, I'm gonna drink a cup of chocolate milk (new addiction) and take a nap.

Hope you guys had a great day & will be a bit more patient. All planned posts are coming soon!
I'm so sorry! Luck wasn't on my side last week :-(

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