May 1, 2012

Let the summer begin!

Too bad the weather still kind of sucks here in Holland, because everytime I look into my closet, I want to wear all those shorts, dresses and sleeveless shirts right now! Even though there are enough Summer/Spring clothes in my closet, It can't be enough, so here are some of the items I've bought recently:



All items are from H&M.
Blouse - 9,95 || Floral dress - 9,95 || Shorts - 14,95

Did you already buy or purchase summer/spring items? ;-) 
By the way: My mom and I are going to Orlando, Florida in June,
So I bought these clothes just in time!

1 comment:

  1. Leuke dingetjes! En volgens mij heb ik dat shortje ook haha. xx


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