June 2, 2012

Tag: Versatile Blogger Award

A couple of days ago, I received this Versatile Blogger Award and ofcourse I'm gonna share it with you,
So you will finally get to know me a bit better. Also, a big thanks to Fleur for tagging me!

Like always, there are some rules to follow, But I don't think I'll follow all of them..
Here they are:
- Add the award to your blog
- Thank the blogger who gave it to you
- List the rules
- Award to 15 or more bloggers
- Mention 7 random things about yourself

Get ready, because here are 7 random things about myself:
1. I always tell myself not to spend any money, 
but I always end up buying things from my favourite store.

2. Alot of people ask me if I still go to school and the truth is: 
I've been working for the past year and didn't go to school, 
because this way I could save up money, incase I decided to go to school in another city.

3. I like to eat unhealthy things, just like alot of other people, 
But I'm kind of forcing myself to go on a sort of diet, 
because (not many people know about this) I have anemia and need more iron.

The last couple of days I've been drinking alot of freshly squeezed orange juice and It's delicious! 
I'm kind of addicted to it right now.

5. Shocker! When I'm bored, I still like watching Disney Channel or Nickelodeon, 
because we only have 1 music channel at the moment.

6. The reason why my blogposts aren't Dutch is, because this is a great way to practice my English.
I also feel more comfortable writing in English even though It's not perfect.
Pretty weird, since I am Dutch.

7. Last but not least, I love meeting new people and receive/send post, so I'll do a post project very soon!
I know alot of people have done this already, But I would love to try it out myself, 
So If you want to do the mail project and you're still  looking for someone,
please let me know!

Those were the 7 random things about myself. Alot of it is cheezy, but true.
Hope you finally know a bit more about me now.

Now It's your turn! If you want to use this tag, Feel free to do so.
Ofcourse I will be tagging some of you already, but fifteen's just too much, haha!

2. Tineke
3. Inge
4. Femke
5. Bianca

Tag, you're it! ;-)

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