September 21, 2013

Back to blogsics ;-)

Hello everyone,
Finally an update from me! Unfortunately it took way to long for me to update this blog,
But my personal life's pretty important, too and since everything's starting to fit together again,
I feel like this is a great time to start blogging again and obviously give you guys an update.

If all goes well and stays that way, you can finally expect new blog posts and alot more updates
than you got before!

The reason why I wanted to start blogging on a regular basis again, Is because I have really missed blogging,
enjoyed sharing my adventures with you all and ofcourse the social part: keeping in touch with you guys!

Also, I want to thank every single one who read/will read the articles on this blog.
It doesn't matter how many visitors/comments your blog gets, It's all about connection with other readers/bloggers
and sharing the same interests. That's what makes blogging so much fun!

Thank you for reading this and new posts will be on this blog VERY soon, I promise!

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend! xo
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