May 13, 2011


Since alot of you don't know that much about me, I decided to do this tag (:

1. My clothes HAVE to be comfortable or else I won't wear it.
2. We have a puppy and we got her 3 weeks ago.
3. Lots of people think my nails are fake, but they are real. I NEVER wear fake nails.
4. I've had a couple of blogs before, but I didn't have enough time to keep it up-to-date.
5. I do not have any sisters and/or brothers.
6. Sometimes I like to wear 2 different socks. Why? Because no one sees them.
7. When my mom and I went to Disneyland in Orlando, there was this thing called 'Stitch's great escape' and I went nuts, because it was dark and I hate it when I can't see where I'm sitting/walking.
8. I don't have that any friends over here. They all live in different countries.
9. I've never really been in love.
10. I love visiting other blogs and I also love to comment on posts.

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I hope you know a little more about me now. I've posted this before, but blogger didn't work for a whole day and when it worked, I had to re-post it, because the last posts were gone (not only on my blog).

So.. Now it's your turn to tell me one funny thing about yourself!

I'm curious, haha!

1 comment:

  1. Leuk berichtje!!

    En je blog is heel leuk.
    Ik volg je, neem je ook een kijkje op mijn blog?


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