November 9, 2011

Wow, She can look Pretty normal, too!

I'm sure you all know who I'm talking about. That's right.. Lady Gaga.
She loves wearing crazy outfits, I know.. But she looks alot better without the crazy jackets, INSANE shoes and crazy make-up so here are a couple of her looks which I really like.



So tell me, Do you love her with crazy outfits or do you like her with normal outfits (or not at all, lol)?


  1. Ze heeft wel echt een aparte stijl en dat vind ik juist leuk aan haar! Maar zo vind ik haar ook niet lelijk ofzo.

  2. oh! i looove those pics!
    Lady gaga seams to be more beautiful with a clean up style ahah
    found you from fashiolista ;)
    please check out my blog to!
    and, course, follow if you love it :)) big kiss*


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