March 30, 2012

Designer Knock Offs #1

Do you LOVE that gorgeos Hermes bag, But don't feel like spending that much money on a bag or do you want the Alexander Mcqueen clutch for your next party? Well, I've found some nice knock offs!

Click on the pictures to take a look at the knock offs.
A couple of weeks ago I decided to go shopping and searched for a new wallet. All of a sudden I saw this clutch hanging between them and I'm absolutely in love with it! If I remember correctly, they sell this clutch in stores for 42.

This is another one, But a little expensive. You can order this clutch for €99,95.

  I've seen this ring on lots of different websites, But everytime I wanted to post links for you guys, They were sold out. They sell this ring in lots of different colors, so there's enough choice for the people who don't like this blue one and It's 9,95.

I'm thinking about doing this every once in a while with populair items.
Do you think this would be helpful and which item's your favourite?


  1. leuk! Die cuff kan je ook zelf maken met een zonnebrillen koker en een 2/3 finger ring, dat misschien ook een budget oplossing? :) xx

  2. Love this! Die ring is mijn favo! x

  3. I love this Arty ring!!! :D

    I follow you now, and i really hope you follow me back. I´l be very happy about it :)

  4. Hey! I like so much your blog! Im a begginer in this world but I would like you to sneak peak my blog!

    Check out it and if you like it follow!!

    You blog is very nice so i will follow you! :)
    Hope we can share ideas and comments!



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