May 30, 2012

New in: Summer colors!

"Bright colors? me? NEVER." That's what I said a couple of months ago. I wear black, white and grey most of the time, but when I found colorful bikini's, I realized that bright colors didn't look too bad and decided to brighten up my wardrobe! Ofcourse there also had to be added new bright nailpolish colors, so I bought 2 Miss Sporty nailpolish colors from the "Clubbing colours Quickdry" collection:

 They don't have names, but they do have numbers. The left one's 457 and the right one's 456.

This is how they look with only one coat. As you can see, One coat clearly isn't enough.

And this is what the colors look like with 2 coats. Alot better and brighter. The only bad part is that it should be "quickdry" and it took a pretty long time untill they dried, But they were only 2,99 for two at the DA store, so they look pretty good for that price and I won't complain! ;-)

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