October 9, 2013

TAG: Happy List and Little reasons to Smile!

Lately there have been lots of tags going around on all kinds of different blogs. There are too many fun ones, so I decided to combine 2 of my favourites. I picked the 'Happy List' tag from Vienna and 'Little reasons to Smile' tag
from Cynthia!










These are the things that give me lots of reasons to smile. I could go on and on and on, But I think this was enough for now ;-) Now, here are some things that make me happy!

  • Having positive people around me
  • Enjoying good times with family and friends
  • Sitting on the couch in comfy clothes with a warm cup of tea/coffee
  • Complimenting other people
  • Creating new make-up looks when you have a day off
  • Cuddling with our dog
  • A really warm shower, after a cold day
  • Ordering/buying the items you've been wanting to have for a long time
  • Taking a walk on the beach when the weather isn't too bad
  • Going shopping in different cities
  • Sleep in a freshly made bed

It's nice to do things like these sometimes, Because It makes you appreciate the things and people you have.. especially on the days you feel a bit down! Feel free to do these tags yourself. If you need some reasons to smile, just click here! xo


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