June 10, 2012

Blogging & Social Media

Source: weheartit.com

Yay! Tomorrow I'll be going to Orlando and I'm so exited, But I don't know when I'll be able to post new stuff, so that's why I wanted to make a short post about.. Social media! Well, kind of.

I noticed that alot of people have a page for their blog on any social media site nowadays, which is smart, because this way you can keep in touch with other bloggers and/or readers. Sometimes I also get asked if I have any special pages, But my blog isn't that big . I do have some other accounts, so I'll share them with you in this post.

Twitter - I do have a twitter account, But most of the time I just tweet random things which have nothing to do with my blog, so be prepared if you ever feel like following me, haha! :-)

Weheartit - if you are searching for pictures to include in your blogposts, this is the site. You can find pictures of almost everything, from celebrity photos to food pictures.

Fashiolista - This is THE website for people who love fashion! You can share your favourite items with the rest of the world, just by liking an item.

Polyvore - A very simple and easy way to find an outfit that matches perfectly. You can include flowers, background items, your favourite fashion items and alot more! Just give it a try, because once you try it out, you keep creating new looks! The only reason why I don't use it that much anymore is because I use PSP and PS for almost everything.

Facebook - I do have one, But I won't share it, because It's a personal one, so that's why you can't find it on this blog :-)

And last but not least:
Tumblr - This is where I will reblog pretty, girly, fashionable pictures. A fun site when you're really bored!

That's pretty much it.. Hope I'll be able to post again very soon and if not, I will keep working on new posts!
One more question: Do you use social media? Feel free to share your page(s), so others can add you.

Have a great evening & see you all soon <3

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