June 8, 2012

New in: Summerblue dress!

When I went to H&M and saw this dress last week, I fell in love with this dress and had to buy it.
It's bright and reminds me of the ocean! No outfit post yet, But I'm sure I'll wear it when I'm on vacation,
So you'll see this dress again very soon ;-)


This dress isn't available online, But you can buy it at most H&M stores for 29,95!

Also, I'll be leaving in 3 days (on monday) and I won't have internet for the first 5 days,
But my mom and I will try to update the vacation blog as much as possible.
Ofcourse I will also try to update this blog as much as I can and if that doesn't work out,
I will save my (outfit) posts for later!

Have a nice evening everyone!

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