October 6, 2013

Pretty in Pink, Fall inspiration!

The weather keeps getting worse, so It's time for a little fall inspiration! Ofcourse we can't forget that It's Breast cancer awareness month in the US and that's why I thought it would be a great idea to use lots of pink this time!

Are you in love with one of the items? Don't worry about it.. I made sure all of the items are budget proof!
Curious about the items I've picked out? Click below to find out!

This is just a very simple everyday look. Colorful and perfect for schooldays or when you go shopping with friends! Did not add that much pink, But just enough to make sure It's not just black and white ;-)

This look is very suitable for a fun evening out with friends, But when you don't want to look all fancy.
You can also add some booties or high heels to make it more fun (couldn't find nice pink heels, so I left them out)!
Last but not least: An outfit for the fancy evenings or just a nice event where you have to be all dressed up!
I added the golden items, because of the waist belt and didn't add more items. The dress is quite an eyecatcher itself already, because of the bright color!

Hope you like these outfits and can't wait to share more outfit inspiration with you guys! xo

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