October 5, 2013

Vacation Flashbacks!

The chilly weather makes doesn't make my after-holiday depression any better, So I'm trying to get over that with some hot chocolate & biscuits! Unfortunately I can't go outside that much, because of my current back problems and that doesn't really help either, But at least it gives me more time to create more blogposts for you guys!

Snce I've been watching the pictures and videos again, This would be a good time to finally share some of my vacation pictures with you to give you a little impression of what my days in Tennessee looked like.

The shopping mall. Bet you didn't see that one coming, lol! Opry Mills is one of the biggest shopping malls in that area. There's a Dave & Busters arcade hall and a cinema.. Yeah, you read that right. A cinema IN the mall! Who wouldn't want that? 

Want to see more of my adventures? 

One of my favourite restaurants, Because of the classic 70' look: Johnny Rockets!
You can find this restaurant in the mall.

I think something's exited to see me? Just had to share this funny owl!

Elephant spotting at the Nashville Zoo!

Hungry giraffe! Love these animals, because of their nice print.

One of my favourite things at this zoo: Feeding the birdies! I don't look too happy, because it was kind of scary at first, But once you do it, It actually is alot of fun. You could get a small cup with nectar for 1 token ($1 each). 

Now, As some of you know.. I'm afraid of heights, But when we got the chance to take a small helicopter tour at Scenic, I couldn't refuse! It's one of those things you've got to do once in your life. It's alot different than an airplane and this may sound weird, But I felt alot more comfortable in this small helicoper!

The view was gorgeous! If you have the chance to do a helicopter tour (doesn't matter if It's only 15 minutes or so), you HAVE to do this, because It's totally worth the money!

The view from our helicopter right above Gatlinburg.

It was quite far, But we had an amazing time, enjoyed the experience and it was worth the drive! Never thought I would ever have enough nerve to take a helicopter tour, But I did it and I'm kind of proud of myself! Totally recommend it to all of you!

This was it for now! Tere will be more posts for sure (Jack Daniels Distillery, Graceland etc.), since I took waaaay to many pictures, But I hope you enjoyed my photos for now! xo

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