May 11, 2012

Let's go swimming..

Why is it so hard to find the perfect bikini? I always have a picture in mind when I'm looking for something,
But I can never find what I'm looking for....

I went to Amsterdam on Monday and found these 2 bikini's at the New Yorker.
They had so many awesome shoes and bags, But I didn't want to spend all my money so I just bought these:

 The two bikini's I fell on love with!
It looks like black, But they are dark blue. I love the fact that they had matching shorts!

This is the bandeau bikini. You can remove the straps if you want to!

I'm in love with them and I'm so glad these bikini's were still available in my size!
If you're looking for nice, inexpensive and colorful bikini's you should definitely go to the New Yorker store.

Have you found your perfect bikini already?

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