October 1, 2013


Why is it so much fun to share all of your most random pictures with everyone? I still don't have a good explanation for it, But what I do know is that I also love doing that.. GUILTY! Sometimes I feel like a real freak, because I always feel like taking random pictures of everything around me. Glad there's an app for that called.. yes ofcourse, Instagram!

Here are some of my favourite instagram accounts!

@Alijardine - From nature to mermaids!
@Sezyilmaz - The pictures on this page give me a real holiday feeling!
@IsabelleGloria - It may not be everyone's cup of tea, But I personally love the pin-up inspired looks!

And ofcourse I felt like sharing my favourite pics on my own instagram account, so here they are:

Do you have an instagram account yourself? If so: Feel free to share the link in the comments below, so we can share random photos together! xo

P.S. You can find my account on the right side of this page or you can click here!
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