September 28, 2013

Back from the road again..

Time flies and so do vacations! I've been back home for about 3 weeks now, Since me and a friend of mine went to Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee for 2 weeks.

Now, I wasn't planning on going to there at all, But when you've been working hard for a long time and you get the opportunity to travel with a good friend of yours, It's very hard to say NO, So I decided to go and ofcourse enjoy the delicious food and great weather!

Here's a quick look of the Nashville roads. There's alot more to come, Since I took way to many pictures ;-)

On the road.. Green, green and more green! Not really what you would expect in Tennessee.

This is at Percy Priest Lake. You could swim in the lake or go fishing on one side. The other side had a really nice waterpark (for people who don't enjoy swimming in lakes, like me!). For the more adventurous people, It was also possible to rent Jet Ski's!

Percy Priest Lake is a perfect place to relax or enjoy the sun, Since the view is beautiful!

We wanted to go to the Smoky Mountains, But it kind of felt like we were there already! 

This was taken at a "Rest Area". You can find alot of rest area's on the side of the roads, Because it takes pretty long to drive from one town to another. There are vending machines, So you can just grab a snack or get something to drink on your way and enjoy the sun. Wish we had those in Europe, But we don't really need it I guess.

This is it for now! There's alot more to come (not just roadpictures though, lol), so be prepared ;-)
Wishing you all a great weekend! xo

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