May 25, 2012

Random + updates!

Just a post with random pictures and some info about my plans for the upcoming month.

My mom felt like taking a picture of me while my hair was doing It's own thing and didn't feel like staying the way I wanted it to, So meet me, my favourite pair of sunglasses and my weird hair:

 Yep, that's me and my funny hair.

And a random train picture, because I just feel like sharing random things at the moment, haha!

Also, I have some news for all of you. I haven't celebrated my one year blog anniversary,
But that's because I want to give you guys something nice, fun and (maybe) special, so I'm working on that.
If everything works out well, you will also be able to find more outfit posts next month.

Another thing: My mom and I created a new blog where we will post about our trip to Florida.
It will probably be in Dutch AND English. The first post will be up when we're done with the layout and stuff. This way you guys can read and see what me and my mom are up to..
Only if you're interested ofcourse. We can't update every single day, but we'll try our best!

We had a blog before and it was alot of fun, because we have foreign friends and It's an easy and fun way to share our experience with them (and alot cheaper than calling, lol).

Click here to visit our blog and/or follow us.

That's it for now.. It feels like my blogposts keep getting longer and longer,
But hey, at least you had something to do for 3 minutes or so!

If you have any questions, suggestions or random things you want to share, don't forget to leave a comment or send me an email ;-)

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