January 21, 2012

2011: My year in pictures

It's a bit late and I have seen in on a couple of blogs already, But I just liked the idea and thought it would be fun if I would do it, too, So here's my 2011 in pictures.

At the beginning of 2011 we got our sweet little puppy.

 Sunset. Love this picture, because it reminds me of the many nice walks.

My first driving lesson, after the day I turned 18!

It used to be a boring black lamp, So I tried to turn it into a very cute lamp for my new room and it turned out pretty good. Maybe I should start a lamp pimp company, lol!

Walking my dog and all of a sudden I turned around and saw a rainbow. Then I turned away, looked back and it was gone!

Not gonna lie, 2011 could have gone better for me, But I've learned alot. Every year has It's bad and great moments. That's how life is.

But it's 2012 now, so let's leave all bad things from 2011 behind and let's focuse on making this year better year than the last one!


  1. Aaaah die foto van je puppy en die zonsondergang! <3

    1. Maar ze is wel extreem veranderd in een jaartje! Veel minder fluffy en natuurlijk ook gegroeid, hihi!

  2. wat een schattig hondje! en hele mooie foto's verder

  3. Mooie foto's.
    je bent getagged op mn blog xoxo

  4. Wat een lief hondje! Aaaawh!


  5. Dat hondje, zo lief! hebbbeenn!


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